Currently Craving | Pineapple Print

Charlotte Russe Embellished Tank Top // ModCloth Perfect Pina Coladas Dress // F21 Pineapple Craze Ankle Socks // F21 Passion Pineapple Compact Mirror // ModCloth Strum Punch Scarf // Cotton On Fifi Mix and Match Cos Case // ASOS Pineapple Cross Body Bag // ASOS DIZZY Plimsolls // ASOS Pineapple Stud Earrings // OASAP Loose Pineapple Print Tee

Seriously though, I'm obsessed. I mean, do I really need to explain myself? It's just another fun summer print! Any time I'm shopping and I spot something pineapple-printed, it takes all my strength not to take it home with me. I feel like I have a fever, and the only prescription is more pineapple (I said that in my best Christopher Walken impression).


Heat Wave

This might be the last time I wear a maxi dress for the rest of the summer (or not. I'm wishy-washy). It's that time of year again in Texas where the more clothes you have covering your body, the more miserable you are. This is also the only time during the year when I hate having long/thick hair and seriously contemplate shaving it all off (I have this theory that I would look just like a British man. *hold for people to get the reference*). Alas, this is the price we Texans pay for having easy-going winters. I'll take a couple months of death heat over half a year of -teen temperatures any day! Seriously, that whole polar vortex situation? I just can't, you guys.

Outfit details:
Cotton On dress (very similar)
Thrifted belt
DSW sandals (on sale!)
Cotton On sunglasses


Blush and Bride

Photography by Clayton Austin.

So I was in a wedding this past February and after bugging the bride (my friend Daniela) for months, she finally sent me her wedding photos! They were so pretty that I just had to share some of them with y'all (that first "now fake laugh!" photo is my fave). I've known Daniela since the 7th grade, and she is one of the very few people from my hometown that I still keep in touch with. I was so happy when she asked me to be a bridesmaid, I had never been one before! Flower girl when I was 8, sure, but bridesmaid? I'm movin' up in this world, you guys.

Her wedding was amazing as I knew it would be after she had shown me all her ideas months in advance. I felt like I was in an actual wedding Pinterest board! So much thought went into the details (can you spot their Star Wars references?), and it definitely showed. And of course Daniela was the most stunning bride ever! All of us bridesmaids got to choose our own dresses with the simple guidelines of just being "blush colored and floor length." Finding a floor length dress was easy, but one that was blush? Not so much. Apparently blush was not "in" for the winter season. After months of searching and when it seemed all hope was lost, this little number hung alone on the sale rack at Dillards for a mere $30. This was TWO WEEKS before the wedding. The shopping gods were shining down on me that day.

Oh, and as I said before, Daniela's wedding was in February. As in, the coldest month in Texas. I had Matthew waiting on the sidelines with a cozy jacket for me to run into in between each photo, ha! My legs may have gone numb at some point, but I'd suffer through forty degree temperatures any day for a friend! (Thirty degree temperatures may be another story. Kidding. I think.)